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The complete energy management solution for construction sites.

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Bright Battery

The battery unit designed to enable the energy transition on construction sites. The most powerful unit on the market.


Energy management for construction

The future is electric, but the grid connections available to construction sites are limited. Smart energy management makes the transition possible - while also saving on cost.

  • Small grid, high demand

    With limited energy supply from the grid and energy demands for equipment and electric vehicles rising, construction sites are facing a challenge to meet their energy needs.

  • High power and storage

    Battery units can solve the problem by delivering the high power requested by tower cranes and heavy machinery, while also storing energy during low demand to be used later.

  • Save energy, cut costs

    To lower the energy demand and to save on cost, smart timers and schedules per circuit can eliminate the high excess energy consumption on construction sites.

  • Smart EV charging

    With the rise of electric vehicles, a charging solution on site is becoming a necessity. Charging EVs adds significantly to the already high energy load, which must be actively balanced.

  • Energy control center

    The energy platform puts you in control while making energy management easy. Determine the optimal setup, monitor and control the energy, change your settings and get live insights.

  • Optimal charging algorithms

    Battery units are a valuable asset in the energy transition. They can be deployed on the energy markets to significantly reduce the energy bill or even earn additional revenue.

Bright Platform

Monitor & Control
Remote Service

Easily determine the energy requirements and optimal energy solution for each construction site by drawing the energy plan. Determine the recommended cable sections using the integrated calculation tool and keep your plan up to date with inevitable changes to your energy setup using the timeline function.

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